Advance Math By Rakesh Yadav(paramount)

Here is another must have book for SSC CGL.

A big Thanks to Animesh for scanning, compiling and sharing this book

He really deserve some Accolade for this major contribution


Download Now (Original File_252 Mb)

Download Now (B&W_17 Mb)

Don’t forget to thanks Mr. Animesh


57 thoughts on “Advance Math By Rakesh Yadav(paramount)

  1. Bhagwan aap logo ka bhala kare , bahut hi accha kam kiya hai mere bhai , thanks a lot b&w pdf 17 mb ka awesome work , quality thoda sa accha hota to thik hota but never mind


  2. Hello Sir,

    Advanced Maths by Rakesh Yadav (Red waali book) wo upload kar sakte hain??.
    Paramount waali to kar chuke hain aap, wo bhi kar dijiye…



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