Naveen Ankganit by R.S Aggarwal (Hindi_47 Mb)


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30 thoughts on “Naveen Ankganit by R.S Aggarwal (Hindi_47 Mb)

  1. How to compress pdf file..
    I have rakesh yadav classs notes, 7300+ nd 30 mock papers of CHSL 2016 but cant Upload on Drive as they are of 734 mb nd No jio also.. 😢

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    1. The thing is
      Bahut saare othe website (u know very well) wale yaha se book download ker ke watermark remove kerke apna watermark laga ke khud ke credit me book upload ker rahe hai
      To isiliye mai soch raha hu ki ab se saare pdf ko digitally signed ker do


      1. I was just shocked that the book that u have scanned was uploaded there and the credit was given to some other guys with altered watermarks.
        That is really some bad practice by bad people
        At least they should give credit to those who workex hard by scanning that.


  2. Upload Kiran Maths in English 2nd Half of the book plz.. if it is already in this site pls provide the link.. the PDF available in internet is having only 175 pages I.e up to time and work only.. Thanks in Advance..



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