Kiran previous Year Computer Question


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9 thoughts on “Kiran previous Year Computer Question

  1. thanks ,,,,for uploading notes and books here …at leat one can see the book here before buying ….on shop we cannot select a book at random for preparation.

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  2. Guys, please upload
    1) Psychology by saundra k Ciccarelli book (latest 5th edition)
    2)Psychology (Four Colour) by Robert A Baron, Giriswar Mishra(5th edition)
    3)Applied Psychology by IRS Smarak Swain (2nd Edition)
    Please upload this book, as soon as possible.. Thanks..


  3. If possible please power books like 1.) a complete book on DI 2.) a complete book for puzzles 3.) English language 4.) and it s monthly competition power magazines



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